My Week in Games

April 4th: Bannerlord

TLDR: It’s a glorious mess. That’s the most accurate summary I can give for the latest entry in Taleworld’s venerable Mount & Blade series. After eight harrowing years of development, the game was finally released on Steam this week as an Early Access title for the full price of $49.99 US. If that seems steep to be a beta tester for an unfinished game they sweetened it a little with a 10% discount for early adopters and an additional 10% for owners of the previous games.

March 28: Old Favorites and New Releases

This week I poured most of my gaming time into Stellaris: Federations the latest DLC for Paradox Development Studio‘s hybrid 4X/Grand Strategy space opera simulator. I really think this might be the best major expansion Stellaris has had to date. It certainly renewed my waning interest in the game. I’ve finished one campaign with the expansion so far, picking up 6 of the new achievements and “Relic Hunter.” Overall the campaign was kind of a disaster but it was good learning experience to get back into the game.