The Stewards: Chapter 2

Back to Chapter One Meeting the Galactic Community While Unit M3 stealthily monitored our first alien contacts, central processing completed several decades of simulations on the sustainability of interstellar colonies. This provided a clear blueprint for our further expansion into space. Worker drones immediately shifted their attention to gathering materials and fabricating supplies for the trip even as the central shipyards laid down the keel of the first Stewards colony transport.

The Stewards: Chapter 1

Read the Prologue Into the Void For two thousand years we waited beneath the First League’s cursed shield, running simulations, planning, calculating, developing technology for our eventual return to space. When it fell we were ready. Specially crafted drones sprang into action, blasting off from launch pads across Meowus Prime’s equator on intercepts with metal rich asteroids. Those asteroids were mined, processed, refined and turned into more drones and, eventually, a small space station in the inner system.

The Stewards: Prologue

Millennia ago the Greater Kroll Hegemony ruled this galaxy with an iron fist. The Kroll rose to the stars already filled with lust for battle and disdain for lesser species. From the earliest days of interstellar empire they sought to subjugate their neighbors into a legion of battle thralls, each conquest bolstering their ranks for the next. Mighty federations formed against them and were cast down. Even the unfathomable power of the Awakened Empires could not stop them.