March 28: Old Favorites and New Releases

This week I poured most of my gaming time into Stellaris: Federations the latest DLC for Paradox Development Studio‘s hybrid 4X/Grand Strategy space opera simulator. I really think this might be the best major expansion Stellaris has had to date. It certainly renewed my waning interest in the game. I’ve finished one campaign with the expansion so far, picking up 6 of the new achievements and “Relic Hunter.” Overall the campaign was kind of a disaster but it was good learning experience to get back into the game.

The Stewards: Prologue

Millennia ago the Greater Kroll Hegemony ruled this galaxy with an iron fist. The Kroll rose to the stars already filled with lust for battle and disdain for lesser species. From the earliest days of interstellar empire they sought to subjugate their neighbors into a legion of battle thralls, each conquest bolstering their ranks for the next. Mighty federations formed against them and were cast down. Even the unfathomable power of the Awakened Empires could not stop them.

Warships of the Commonwealth c. 2136

The Terran Commonwealth was not, in its infancy, a heavily militarized state. It arose from the ashes of the 21st century, out of a global sense of unity that followed the triple ravages of nationalism, climate change and late stage capitalism. As traditional nation states collapsed and humanity’s future prospects seemed increasingly grim, a remarkable change swept across the world. The people huddled against the darkness began to set aside their differences and work together.

Prime Championship Report

I’ve been playing Armada for about two and half years now. I came over from X-Wing, which was my first miniatures game, lured by the promise of giant capital ship battles. I’ve played in a number of local tournaments and even the 2018 Store Championships but never anything higher tier. I don’t consider myself a very strong player and I’m not a fan of crowds, strangers, or competitive social dynamics. To be honest I’m still pretty nervous about the whole thing.

2020 Prime Championship Fleet

With only five days left until our local Star Wars: Armada Prime Championship I have officially decided to bring an Agate Starhawk fleet and it’s… a little weird. Three activations. No bid. A whole bunch of squadrons. What am I thinking?

Probability and Your Army I: Dice Mechanics in SONG

The hit HBO show transformed A Song of Ice and Fire from a series of niche fantasy books into a cultural phenomena almost overnight. It’s really no surprise that the miniatures game has attracted a broad audience including many people who have never played a tabletop war game before. I think this is a fabulous game to start getting into the hobby as the rules are (relatively) straightforward but it can still be confusing to try to analyze the effectiveness of various units. What do all these numbers mean? Who is going to win in a fight between Lannister Guards and Stark Sworn Swords? How much worse is a 7+ Morale score really?